Basic Landing Page Optimization Strategy Č If one were to look back at the times when online advertising was very young, they would recall that it was not so long ago. But at the moment when more and more companies and business are putting their pieces in the cyber canvas, they realize that running an online business is much more complicated than it used to be. In fact, it has become more difficult than ever before to acquire customers, drive sales and build brands through the Web.

In fact, the instant impact Google had when it came to search engine optimization strategy and techniques several years ago has destined the subject to become the most challenging nowadays. Because of the way the world wide web has preferred to develop, things are far more complex, more fast moving and, above all, more interesting to both customers and the search engines. Therefore, the landing page optimization strategy utilized by so many online advertisers has become a prime subject of contention. If you are wondering what this entails, it essentially means that when you plan to run an online advertising campaign, you have to maximize the effectiveness of the page that is being entertained by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines. In other words, your page should be both attractive to the customers and search engine spiders.

Of course, it is very important to know that in order to achieve this end, you need to know something about the different elements that make up a page, as well as how to optimize it. Fortunately, there are helpful SEM tips that you can learn from the SEO experts.

If you have long been a devotee of SEO or SEM techniques, then you would know that the key fundamentals of landing page optimization are basically based on content. In fact, during the earlier days of internet marketing, when users were still in infancy, quite a number of webmasters focused quite heavily on optimizing the content of their pages. Indeed, it was for this reason that content was called “The Big Word”.

By now, you must have gained At least basic understanding about the importance of content and its role in the optimization of a page. Now, it is time for you to be alert as to what new changes you need to bear in mind as far as the content of your website is concerned. This is because a number of search engines are increasing their specialization to value not only the content of website pages, but also the descriptions of those pages.

These descriptions are often referred to as Meta Description tags. They are not only used by search engines, but also by web browsers. These descriptions not only act as a tool that allows faster scanning of a website page; they are also valuable for humanmoderators. With the increasing popularity of various social media sites today, it is possible that these tags may soon have a closer commercial uses.

Apart from increasing the value of your pages and placing them higher in the search engine results pages, these tags also provide a good amount of organic traffic to your website. If these tags are created properly, then they can provide important advantages to both spiders and surfers. Although it is possible to autosubmit these tags using an automated script, it is strongly recommended that you undergo search engine optimization training, so you can ensure that these tags are optimized properly.

Well, since you are taking the time to do some SEO training, it is clearly clear that not only you can benefit from these tags, but so can your customers. Yes, since you understand the essence of these tags, you can surely make use of them to grandly promote your online business and bring in more traffic to your site. Just imagine how your business will benefit from such tags in their search engine optimized state.

Having different tags for every page of your site will help optimize each and every page while helping your customers to spot your site at a glance. As we know, content is king, so it is mandatory that you develop rich and informative content. By adding video tags, you will be able to rank your website higher in the search engine results. This is due to the fact that videosebers are more likely to click on the video than an article that does not offer them much needed information.

Like the URL structure, the description tags are also very helpful in making a website stand out in the search engine results. This method can definitely help improve the ranking of your website and bring loads of traffic by targeting the keywords specified in your title and description tags. You can also target your description tags at making your website stand out in the search engine results, which will help attract more customers to your site. This is done by putting your target keywords in your title and description tags, which should be separate from your website URL.

Like the title and URL structure, the description tags are also very helpful in making your website stand out in the search engine results. The search engines display them prominently, and your target keywords will be highlighted as seen in the figure 4.10.

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